Thoughts Under Construction

The intention of this blog is for it to primarily cover my thoughts on code, and how we write it, with the occasional detour into anything else that interests me.

Most of the best blogs I've read in this genre tend to post as the author is learning about something or developing some new idea, rather than waiting until everything is understood or ideas are fully baked. I like that, and it’s what I'd like to do with this blog.

Of course a natural side effect of writing about things as you learn about them, is that some of the ideas and understanding in the post are likely to become out of date almost immediately as you continue to learn and think.

In the past I've held off posting things on other sites, finding myself in a perpetual state of trying to gather my final thoughts on the subject before posting anything, for fear of revealing an incomplete understanding which I might soon pass. I don't want to fall into that trap with this blog, after all, there's nothing wrong with revealing ignorance - were fools if we try to kid one another we all understand everything.

So consider this post the blogging equivalent of that cheesy "under construction" animated gif that used to plague the early web. The things I’ll be writing on here are thoughts “under construction”, if you come across a post which seems a bit dumb or naive, it probably is, and I'd probably agree with you now!